Minggu, 24 April 2011

BB magic Pact and Surprise essence concealer

i just got the new haul from Etude House :) they arrived yesterday, and i'm so exited about this

first is :

 BB magic Pact

review : 
i love this pact.. i have an oily face, but with this i don't feel any oil in my T zone i love this!! and the coverage for your acne's scars works well

 surprise essence concealer

review : 
i aven't tried this yet.. but so many people said that this good as mac's so i let you know if i already tried this one >_<

Dream On Powder Pact

review :

this is my friend's choice.. she hasn't tried this yet.. the scent is sooooo goood,,,, ^.^ 

that's all my haul for today, i let you know if i have an any updates but those product :))

Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Another Haul from ETUDE HOUSE STORE :) :)

I just went to Etude House today at Gandaria City Jakarta, i'm so exited about SALE 50% OFF for member and you have to spend idr 250.000 or US$24 to get a pink membership :) no doubt, i spent  my money to get a card ^__^ bcause i haven't get any, here's my haul :

1. petite darling nail YL 802
2. petite darling nail BL 505
3. Petite darling PP 904
4. Blackhead Gommage Massage Peel

i love the color bcause it is soft, and not too shocking,
this is my second time i shop at EH store, i usually ordered 'em by online ^^ it's soooo much cheaper than buy in the EH store here..

 Me.. at Etude House Store ^__^

 Me Trying Nail Polish (petite &dear darling)

 Me just take a pose at Etude House Store ^__^

Me : Trying Henna Black Mascara (for Free --,--)

Me : Trying Henna Black Mascara (for Free --,--) 

That's all my activity on saturday night ^^ my weekend feels sooooo Great at Etude House...
thanks to my Boyfriend who takes my picture :)
love you :*