Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara Review

nah, it's time for me to review best ever mascara that people talk about very often!! Yayy!!

Maybelline The Falsies

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, i just tried it out since i see a lot of very good review on that. i feel so curious so i try it and i LOVE IT!! hahah, sound silly, but yesss i do love this mascara.

Pros :
1. it doesn't smudge
2. it does stays very long
3. makes my lashes look thicker ang longer than before
4. no flaking
5. very afforadble 
The Falsies result
me & The Falsies
 i only apply it one coat, but it's thick enough for me, and the brush is huge which is good for thicker effects. Maybelline The Falsies only cost me US $7.00 --> 70.000 Rupiah. A very good deal i think for great result.

Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

sharing pic with my best friend :)

sharing nail polishes, sharing makeup tips, sharing life and her name is Cici :D hohohoo she's junior architect
i usually call her cika :)) so funny,
me & cici
 we took this pic when we were in her mother office celebrates for its birthday XD

and this one is me and iyas my boyfriend :*
citta & Iyas
 now three of us !! me, Della and Cika *lol. Della is girlfriend of cikas's brother XD

Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Kleancolor Candy Cast Preview

i recently picked up a nail polishes from kleancolor, it's pretty cute :) i review about this ;

here's the swatches

Kleancolor Candy Cast Set & Kleancolor Leaves Jingle

Kleancolor Candy Cast Set swatches

the color is soooo Neon thingy :D love it! haha!
Left to right :

- Neon Aqua
- Neon Lime
- Neon Orange
- Neon Yellow
- Neon Pink 

this is for US $6 pretty cheap for a set od nail polish
for the yellow and lemon color, you have to put on twice on your nails to get the perfect result

and this is Kleancolor Leaves Jingle

Leaves Jingle

Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Simple Purple Valentine Look

this is my new look for this February which is Valentine's day coming up :D ;D

product that i'm using :

Skin79 Dream Girls
Etude House Nymph Aura loose Powder #1
Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Eye primer
Danni Eyeshadow Palette
Elf Beauty Little Black Book Eyeshadow Palette
Etude House O'my Eye line #1 Black
Maybelline Eye Studio Liquid Liner
Lioele Carry Me mascara
Etude House Miss Tangerine Vip Girl Lipstick OR205
Etude House Dear Darling Roll Gloss #14 Tomato Jelly
Missa Mshow Powder #Tyra

circle lens : GEO Nudy Brown CH-624

January Mini Haul ( Etude House )

hiiiii......!!! :)) i just updating my blog again ;) i currently be on Youtube, please check out my channel and you can see my haul and tutorial update :) it's not too much actually,  

here's the link www.youtube.com/user/88citta88

and now, i wanna share you guys about my haul :D this is a gift from my friend who's currently going to Seoul - Korea and she grab me a thing from Etude House, i'm so excited.XD

Samples Precious Mineral BB cream

Miss Tangerine VIP girl Lipstick OR 205

Random ; Princess 3D mask

what i like about shopping for makeup in korea for any brand they are giving so much freebies like a tons of samples even an accessories and things, i really wanna go there :( i want it so bad

and this is my video on youtube for this haul :))

Senin, 09 Januari 2012


hey guys.. this is my first time that i going to try GEO lens, i'm so courious about this lense. i pick up Nudy series. the diameter is 14.20 mm which is good :)

With Flash

No Flash
This is also my tutorial for Gyaru Look, and i hope you enjoy.. i'm sorry about a little bit messy, bcause thisis my first time ;P

i really love its color, it's not too shocking.. i buy it only for US$10 and my Geo Lens is Original ;D :D y already check on website http://www.fw1860.com/en/ for my serial number on its jar :)