Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Simple & easy Makeup For Dating

it's simple and easy ^.^ if you wanted trry this one !

here's the tutorial :)
1. i'm using sun block from Etude House --> Sun Guard (super Aqua SPF 35) "smells sooo perfect!! i like it"
2. i put on my concealer ( Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer #2 natural beige) which is GOOD as heaven
3. Etude House Precious mineral BB cream (old version Sheer Glowing Skin)
4. Etude House BB magic Pact #2 Natural Beige --> {perfectly Covered)
5. M Shadow Powder #Tyra
6. Liquid Liner from Etude House
7. Maybelline Volume Express mascara

it's pretty simple i think, and natural look not too much for dating, Enjoy! ^_^