Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

Bareface Challange No Makeup

my face looks really pale when i'm not using any makeup on ---___--- looks older than my age, don't know whyyy

before and after makeup hahaa, looks really pale right?

My Eyebrows Update

i have a very strage eyebrow shape hahaa, looks silly at first but thank God now i can draw my eyebrows nicely and doesn't look that strange

before i worked at benefit i have super strange eyebrows, i don't know how to shape brows and draw it. and maybe i'll never get my brows waxed ! but right now i learn so much how to shape your eyebrows.

the hair is grown upwards *strange haha

after i draw with browzings w/o high brow
when you get your eyebrows waxed, you brow bones look very high nice and clean, which is good to apply the highlighter on it. the highlighter is to make more dimension to your brow bone. doesn't look scary tho, looks really pretty.

Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia Grand Opening

We're opened 2nd store in South Jakarta at Plaza Senayan

this is the pic about Benefit Cosmetics Grand Opening 11st Jan 2014

Super pretty couch

me standing at the bridge ha!

we're doing really okay event ^^ everyone's look really enjoy their time looking at the stage and my friend start to demonstrated all products to the model, which is really cool <3