Senin, 12 Agustus 2013

New Cosmetics Haul ^^ Indonesian brand

hii guys, i'm really busy right now but i always want to try Sariayu Martha Tilaar brand :)
last night i grab it yaay! i'm in love with the color. let me show you how it's look like

Sariayu Kecapi Denting
i want to swatch it for you, but it's too cute to ruin the marks on top of it, haha! it only cost Rp 40.000 which is only US$ 4 :))) there are so many color, but i'm in love with this one >.<

and after i choose lipstick, i went to another corner and try to get eyeshadow from Red A (also Indonesian brand) one of the cheapest cosmetics brand here :)

i love the color, the purple one is so cute and the Silky Girl brands are from Malaysia (if i'm not mistaken)
the consistency of the powder is so-so :') (too powdery) just like elf brand.

for the pencil liner (purple) is quite good. i like it, very affordable and stay long :) good product

This all i've got 
it's always nice to buy cosmetics with low cost, haha! thank you for stopping by ^^ see you on my new post :)))

Minggu, 04 Agustus 2013

My Everyday Makeup by Benefit Cosmetics


i wanna share to you guys, what kind of makeup that i always put on my face before start to work at Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia :)

My friend Gummi does my makeup, he loves to fix my brows haha!

My Two Cents Creaseless Cream Shadow, Call My buff

he uses all of this to my face ^^


i love to work at benefit as Beauty Artist, i can help people to choose or fix their makeup. this is fun!

Benefit Cosmetics ^-^



i'm so excited that the kit has arrived at Benefit Pop Up Store Plaza Indonesia

Te most favorite is the medium one. So if you guys already read my blog, please come o our Pop Up store ^__^

Me with How To Look Best At Everything ^^

How To Look Best At Everything is our new favorite. it is actually a starter kit. what HTLBAE have :
>Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
>Hello Flawless
>Boing concealer

me wearing stay flawless costume

Me with Dina my co-worker

Me with Bathina! best ever body balm