Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Etude House Lover: My next Haul : Etude House (AGAIN !!)

Etude House Lover: My next Haul : Etude House (AGAIN !!): ">___< finally they're come!!! here in my hand.. i ordered 'em online.. wish i live in south Korea.. here's my haul : &n..."

My next Haul : Etude House (AGAIN !!)

>___< finally they're come!!! here in my hand.. i ordered 'em online.. wish i live in south Korea..

 here's my haul :

 i spent around IDR 150.000 or US$14 for all this stuff
Miss Tangerine Follow me Tint #2
here's the swatches of miss tangerine follow me tint ^_^

ME (next to my boyfriend).. wearing follow me tint miss tangerine ^_^

 Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #14 Tomato Jelly Latte (smells REALLY GOOD)
REVIEW :Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #14 Tomato Jelly Latte
 Missing U hand Cream #penguins

i'm so GLAD finally have a new product from etude house.. it's been a long time that i don't get any of them, i just ordered another product from etude house, BB magic pact and surprise stick concealer >__<

Here's my Haul Video on Youtube :))

Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Selasa, 22 Maret 2011


can't wait to see her live in Jakarta 11 May 2011 :) i already get the ticket.. me, my boyfriend and my best friend also got the tickets :D

this is gonna be the second times for avril to get here in Jakarta after her Bones Tour 2005. i really can't wait for her performance :) when avril had her first concert in Jakarta past 2005, my age was 18 and that'd be my first concert that i ever watched :)

here's the ticket

another ticket that i got is :
Avril, MCR, The Used >__< , TAAR
this concert was AWSOME !!! GREATEST!! 
one thing that i've would missed is Bruno Mars concert... the tickets are SOLD OUT! Damn!!! i hate it! but Avril concert eased my pain :'(
thank God it's Avril Lavigne, make it happen God.. hope there are no TRAVEL WARNING when she get here.. NO CANCELLATION :) AMIN!

this is me (hold paper) ang my bestfriend
At Senayan City (buy pre-sale ticket Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour)

Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

i'm using this etude house product ^^

hey ho!!

we meet again!! i wanna show you something :)
i'm actually wearing a code B cream eyeliner strong black for mt daily activity, becau its waterproof and stay long for a day! (jangan dikucek2 ya matanya,, ntar kaya hantu hahah..)

this is me and my boyfriend ^,^

i'm using code b cream eyeliner strong black

 what i'm actually wearing is : 
- precious mineral bb cream sheer glowing skin from Etude House
- Mshow Powder Blusher from Missha
- Apricot Stick sweet banana from Etude House
- Secret Beam powder pact from Etude House


Uda cukup lama nih ga buka blog sendiri (lupa passwordnya hihiiii >---< ) 

i have another haul from etude house.. actually it's been a month ago :) but it still nice for me to give a review <3

1. Magic enzyme pack peeling

magic enzyme pack  peeling

Review : at first i really glad bcause this gave me the best result :) remove the dirt on your skin. nice product !! i love it ^^, i bought this about US$14 ---> Rp 140.000

2. Mini SIZE U Astringent
mini size u astringent

Review : this toner is GREAT!!!!! feel refresh your skin and tight! no more big pores!! i'm so in love with this product!!!!! i bought this from online about US$15 ---> Rp 150.000 

3. Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam

Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam
Review : This Cleansing foam is really nice for OILY SKIN ^^ perfectly remove dirt on your pores after using a bb cream :) but.. i kinda not feel that great.. this foam not too good for me.. pimples.. yaah!! -__-"
 i buy this facial foam about  IDR 80.000 --> US $ 8
 4. Code B Cream eyeliner

code b cream eyeliner strong black

REVIEW : THE BEST PRODUCT THAT THEY'VE EVER MADE !! SO GOOD!! this cream eyeliner is the most popular in Etude House South Korea ^^ yessss!! this is GOOD!!! it lines ur eyes perfectly!! i bought this for US$12 ---> Rp 120.000

5. AC Clinic Red Spot Balm
AC clinic Red Spot Balm

Review : NICE TO REMOVE YOUR PIMPLE :)) in 2 DAYS There 2 items in it.. facial foam (mini) and the balm :)) satisfied with this one! 

it's about IDR 147 --> US $ 13

THE SAMPLES :) ----->

Lanjut, aku mau review produk dari TonyMoly dan Missha dan Skinfood :

1. TonyMoly -----> Tomatox Brightening Mask
Review : I don't see a great result of this product.. i just like the packaging.. hehe,, so cute isn't it?

Tomatox by Tony Moly

2. M shadow Tyra from Missha


Review : I love this!! it's perfect for tropical skin like me :)) next time i'll upload my photo ^^

3. Skinfood Tea Tree Cleansing Foam

 Review : I don't like this product.. :( my skin so perfectly BAD after i'm using it.. (effects on me), but after i'm using this skinfood product i try facial foam from Etude House (again.. which is the BEST) THERE'S NO MORE ACNE :)) product that i tried is........


I just wait for another Etude House Product for this season.. Miss Tangerine collection.. i'll upload it when they're arrive in Jakarta :)

thankyou so much.. :))