Selasa, 22 Maret 2011


can't wait to see her live in Jakarta 11 May 2011 :) i already get the ticket.. me, my boyfriend and my best friend also got the tickets :D

this is gonna be the second times for avril to get here in Jakarta after her Bones Tour 2005. i really can't wait for her performance :) when avril had her first concert in Jakarta past 2005, my age was 18 and that'd be my first concert that i ever watched :)

here's the ticket

another ticket that i got is :
Avril, MCR, The Used >__< , TAAR
this concert was AWSOME !!! GREATEST!! 
one thing that i've would missed is Bruno Mars concert... the tickets are SOLD OUT! Damn!!! i hate it! but Avril concert eased my pain :'(
thank God it's Avril Lavigne, make it happen God.. hope there are no TRAVEL WARNING when she get here.. NO CANCELLATION :) AMIN!

this is me (hold paper) ang my bestfriend
At Senayan City (buy pre-sale ticket Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour)

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