Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Kleancolor Candy Cast Preview

i recently picked up a nail polishes from kleancolor, it's pretty cute :) i review about this ;

here's the swatches

Kleancolor Candy Cast Set & Kleancolor Leaves Jingle

Kleancolor Candy Cast Set swatches

the color is soooo Neon thingy :D love it! haha!
Left to right :

- Neon Aqua
- Neon Lime
- Neon Orange
- Neon Yellow
- Neon Pink 

this is for US $6 pretty cheap for a set od nail polish
for the yellow and lemon color, you have to put on twice on your nails to get the perfect result

and this is Kleancolor Leaves Jingle

Leaves Jingle

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