Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

I'm here ! now I work at Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia Yaaay!

finally, haha! i almost forgot that i have a blog ---___--- too busy. 
Now, i work for Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia at Plaza Indonesia as Beauty Assistant.
i am so excited for my new job! it's just like a dream come true. 
I choose benefit because i love to see their product, i love pop art thingy just like Benefit design. cutest!

i actually never bought their products before, but i know that their product has the best quality. I always see how people reviewed it. love to see so many people posted on their blog or vlog about how good Benefit Cosmetics are. 

Benefit Cosmetics Pop Up Store

Here i posted my Porefessional costumes HAHA!
Porefessional Outfit

with Gummi my mate @ counter

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